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Your family isn’t like any other. Why should your meal plans be?

If your grocery list is getting unruly, takeout is turning into a habit, and you’re considering the same dish for the third time this week: Meal Hero can help, whether you’re planning for a week ahead or for tonight.
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Personalize your meal plans

Add your likes and dislikes to get recommendations for meals. Save, edit, and import your favorite recipes for meals that will please picky eaters and foodies alike.

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Spice up your menu

Pleasing everyone doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing every week. Get inspired with new meals your family will enjoy together.

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Shop smart

Your shopping list is created automatically, so you can fill your cart and get cooking in no time.

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Get groceries at your door

With one-click grocery delivery, you can skip the store by connecting to grocery delivery services through the app. Everything you need for dinner, delivered!

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Family dinner is back

Skip the pizza delivery and say hello to a homemade dinner that everyone will love.

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“Time and life saver. I highly recommend getting this app. Just a few quick questions and the app gives you a variety of delicious and usually pretty quick, healthy meals.”

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“This app takes all the time consuming elements of meal planning and streamlines them into a simple, free app. This has totally changed my schedule, budget, and health!! It is a game changer!!”

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“A full house of kids doesn’t leave a lot of time for designing elaborate menus—with this app I can pick out some healthy ingredients and plan out everything, no fuss.”

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Meal Hero can boost your business and help you deliver a better online shopping experience.

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