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What is Meal Hero?

Meal Hero makes planning, shopping, and cooking for your family easier than ever. Simply add your family’s favorite meals or tell us about your eating preferences and we’ll recommend delicious recipes. With our smart shopping list and grocery delivery integration, you can get in and out of the store in no time. Say goodbye to last-minute takeout and hello to more time, more savings, and less waste.

How do I contact the support team?

We’re here to support you on many platforms. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

  • Text us at (415) 496-9080
  • Email us at support@mealhero.com

Account related

I just signed up, what are my next steps?

Congratulations, you’re on your way to becoming a meal hero! Here are some steps for getting started.

First of all, go easy on yourself. Meal planning is a habit that takes time to develop. We don’t expect you to be a master meal planner immediately. We’ll be here every step of the way.

We suggest you:

  1. Start by planning just three meals a week. That’s a great first step.
  2. Stick with what you know and introduce variety slowly over time. One new meal a week is plenty.
Why would I want a Meal Hero account?

Although you don’t need an account to enjoy the features of Meal Hero, signing up ensures your information won’t disappear if you switch devices in the future. You can also share an account with family members to get input on meal planning and shopping. If you choose not to create an account and then switch to a new mobile device, your saved plans, meals, and recommendations will be lost.

How do I change or update my password or username?

To update your password or username, visit “my account.”

Go to “My Recipes” > Click on the Settings wheel > then click the Account button.

How do I update my preferences?

Our recommendations are based on the diet preferences you entered when first joining Meal Hero. If you’d like to see your responses or update them, just click “Preferences” in the “My Recipes” tab. You can update these preferences at any time.

How do I delete my account?

Although we’d hate to see you go, you can delete your Meal Hero account by going to My Recipes” > Click on the Settings wheel > Click Account > Click Delete Account.

Food related

What do you offer for people with special dietary requirements?

We recommend meals based on the dietary preferences you set when first joining Meal Hero — this includes diet types like vegan, vegetarian, and paleo, as well as dislikes. As you use the app, Meal Hero technology will learn more about what you like or dislike and will improve meal recommendations based on your feedback.

Do you provide nutritional and caloric information?

We are working on this! We know that nutritional information is very important to our users, and we are currently building a user-friendly way to view those details.

I don’t see my diet listed

We want to support your dietary preferences while meal planning. We are continuing to add more diets in addition to conventional, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. Let us know what diet you’d like to see added to the app — just click “I don’t see my diet” under “preferences.”

Planning related

Can I add my own recipes to my plan or profile?

Yes! To add your own family favorites that are reliable for busy weeknights, click the “go-to meals” button under “my recipes.” Just type in a recipe title and our smart technology will recommend popular ingredients for that meal.

Can I edit the recipes in my plan?

Yes! You can easily edit a recipe’s title, cook time, serving amount, and ingredient lines. Additionally, you can add notes to any recipe to help remember what went well or what you’d change next time you cook it.