Dinner, made easy

From inspiration to entree, Meal Hero can help you through every step of getting dinner on the table
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How it works

You can use Meal Hero no matter how far ahead you plan.
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Cook now

Get dinner on the table ASAP with what you have on hand.

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Make dinner tonight

Find something easy and satisfying to make for dinner tonight.

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Plan for the week

Start your week off strong by planning your meals in advance.

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Cook now

Need to get dinner on the table using ingredients you already have in your kitchen? Just tell us what you have, pick a recipe, and get cooking.
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Tell us what you have

Trying to use those leftover sweet potatoes? Simply type in the ingredients you want to use.

Pick a recipe

Next, find recipes for every combination, without having to run to the store last minute or make substitutions.

Get cooking

Whip up a meal so delicious, it’s as if you’d planned for days.

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Make dinner tonight

Has the last minute “what will I make for dinner?” panic set in? Don’t fear, dinner is not lost. Meal Hero makes it easy to decide what to cook, whether you’re shopping at the store or using what you already have.
Choose a recipe

Select a recipe from Meal Hero’s recommendations or import and edit your personal favorites.

Shop for what you need

Shop for groceries using your interactive list, or get them delivered if you’re short on time.

Get cooking

Now you have everything you need to make a delicious, nutritious, and easy meal. Enjoy!

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Use it now
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Plan for the week

Set yourself up for success this week by planning ahead with Meal Hero.
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Tell us what you like

Answer a few questions about your family's likes and dislikes to get meal recommendations tailored to you.

Decide what to make

Choose from millions of recipes based on your tastes, add your own meals, and plan for the week ahead.

Automate your grocery list

Access your interactive shopping list organized by both department and meal to make your grocery shopping quick and easy.

Get it delivered

Too busy to hit the store? Get groceries delivered; we’ll send your list to Instacart or Amazon Fresh through the app.

Get cooking

Nourish your family with delicious, healthy, and easy home-cooked meals.

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Our Food Intelligence Technology

Meal Hero's food intelligence technology, backed by a culinary exert network, gets smarter with every use to suggest meals based on your preferences. Simply add your family's taste and diet to get recipe recommendations.

Our intelligence platform uses data to suggest meals that:
  • Match your health and preferences
  • Adapt to your habits and goals
  • Translate recipes into an interactive grocery list
  • Learn from your favorites and dislikes

Homemade dinner is a few clicks away

  • Enjoy a seamless experience
  • Break out of your cooking rut
  • Plan easily and conveniently
  • Access it free
  • Customize to your preferences
  • Find millions of recipes
  • Import and edit your favorite recipes
  • Get curated meal plans
  • Automate your shopping list
  • Connect to grocery delivery apps

Get started today

Use Meal Hero to build meal plans, discover recipes, go shopping, and get your groceries delivered.

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