A Valentine's Day In

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”- Alan Wolfelt 

Of all the ways to show love, we think a homemade meal tops them all. Cooking together and sharing a special meal is far more intimate than going to any fancy restaurant. 

Creating a menu for or with your special someone could mean preparing a dish that has some sentimental value, like recreating the pasta dish you had on your first date. Or, splurging on ingredients that speak for themselves and require little cooking experience, like fondue or a sashimi. 

Want to go all out and really impress your valentine? There are plenty of simple but decadent recipes that will warm up the day from morning brunch to evening dessert.  

Don’t have a date? Treat yourself! The best love is self-love and we have all the recipes for one so you can indulge fully. 


Raspberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Strawberry Bruschetta 

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Eggs Benedict

Cheesy Kale Prosciutto Melts with Eggs

Savory Brunch Muffin

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” - Harriet van Horne 


Easy Cheese Fondue

Seared Tuna Sashimi

Winter Citrus Salad with Burrata

Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Butternut Squash Mushroom Risotto

Steak and Shrimp Skillet with Herb Butter

Treat Yourself - Recipes for One

French Toast in a  Bowl

Pork Tenderloin

Spaghetti with Fried Eggs and Breadcrumbs

Eggplant Parm 

Chicken Pot Pie

Chocolate Mousse

Honey Lemon Custard


Chocolate Fondue

Kahlua Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Lava Cake

Lemon Tart


“The people who give you their food give you their heart.” - Cesar Chavez

Looking for something different? Search for recipes in the Meal Hero App or by ingredient at www.mealhero.com. Happy Valentine's Day to all the food lovers, home chefs, and meal heroes!

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