Introducing Build-a-Bowl

For some, cooking is an intuitive process. The experience of trial and error, familiarity with flavor combinations, and basic cooking skills can go a long way without a specific recipe at hand. A list of ingredients and a general direction is sometimes enough to pull together a delicious creation. Pairing this with the desire to prevent food waste and with a little inspiration on how to use up what you have led us to the creation of a fun little widget called, Build-a-Bowl

Build-a-Bowl is an interactive recipe creator that guides home chefs through the basic building blocks of soups, salads, pastas, curries, stir-fries, and casseroles. After selecting the elements of the dish, a recipe template is generated based on a formula designed by professional chefs. Exact amounts of ingredients aren’t listed, leaving the experimentation aspect and customization of your recipe distinctly unique and open for modification. 

For those who prefer to eyeball how much pasta to add and know that the amount of garlic in a recipe is never enough will find the building process not only fun, but also as an opportune challenge to hone their skills and make it their own. 

Need a little more direction? Check out the Similar Recipes shown at the bottom of the steps page to get inspiration on how to pair ingredients, estimate measurements, or find a pre-built recipe similar to yours. Use recipes as guides to understand the foundation of a dish while allowing creative freedom to experiment.

We encourage you to try Build-a-Bowl and share your feedback. How do you think it could be better? What do you like about it? Do you find it helpful and do you see yourself using it for meal inspiration? Email us at and share with us your thoughts. Happy building!

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