One Platform, Many Possibilities - Meal Hero Launches Food Intelligence API

We’re excited to announce the launch of our food intelligence API! 

Food is more important than ever. Interest in nutritious ingredients and cooking at home was already on the rise but has accelerated as people have directed increasing attention to their families' physical and financial wellbeing.

Plus, companies are pivoting to meet users and deliver more value to them digitally given “stay-at-home” measures and the shift to remote work. 

At Meal Hero, we’re accelerating food intelligence and are inviting you to tap into it! Enhance your digital offerings by leveraging our machine learning to deliver valuable and exciting features to your users.

Join the beta-test through RapidAPI

About Meal Hero’s Food Intelligence Platform
With Meal Hero’s API, businesses can build powerful databases that empower sophisticated recommendation systems and creative search engines.
For example, you can: 
  • Generate specific information about ingredients, amounts, and units of measure for numerous use cases.
  • Identify ingredients, recipe courses, cooking time, equipment, and technique. 
  • Curate an interactive browsing experience that guides a user using various prompts. 
  • Classify recipes according to diets, allergies, and more.
Here are the endpoints you can implement through our API today: 
  • Analyze Ingredient lines 
  • Analyze Prep steps 
  • Infer Diet tags 
  • Infer Course tag 
  • Infer Dish name
  • Plus more exciting capabilities coming soon! 

Join the beta-test through RapidAPI

The Team behind the Meal Hero Food Intelligence Platform 

Our team is built of talented machine learning engineers, data scientists, and foodies who have masterfully blended artificial intelligence and culinary expertise to develop a food intelligence platform like no other.

Learn how our team approaches AI and machine learning through any of these podcasts, videos or articles featuring our Head of Data Science, Sivan and CTO, Erik.

*Note: The Meal Hero Food Intelligence Platform is developed by the Wellio team 

For a taste of the many features and use cases of our API intelligence technology, click here.

If you think your company could benefit from implementing the API, get started on RapidAPI. If you have any questions, send us a message at

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