Meal Planning Series 2/5 - Recipe Discovery

Welcome to this compilation of topics on our approach to meal planning! We hope by the end of these five articles, you will feel prepared and empowered to tackle all the steps involved in getting dinner on the table.

Here are all the topics of the series if you’d like to jump to a particular one:

Recipe Discovery

We all have our tried and true recipes but sometimes we all get to a point where we just cannot cook and eat the same thing one more time. Meal Hero is all about helping you discover meals that you know your family will like and we’re here to help take the guesswork out of finding and trying new recipes.

You might be surprised at how many meal components are hiding in the recesses of your pantry and freezer, meals you perhaps hadn’t thought of that use familiar ingredients you already have. Discovering recipes through these ingredients is a great place to start, or you can search for a specific dish. It’s up to you!

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Be realistic.

Wanting to avoid getting into a cooking rut is a common dinnertime problem, but trying too many new recipes can end up backfiring and being discouraging. Start small and build up by incorporating one or two new recipes to your meal plan per week. Having familiar and go-to meals making up most of the week will bring more peace of mind and make experimental nights more encouraging. At Meal Hero, we believe a solid meal plan is a mix of tried-and-true and new and exciting. With our app, you can easily save those favorite go-to meals easily and also discover new, delicious recipes that fit your family’s taste preferences.

Help yourself.

When you are ready to dig in and find something new, be strategic. Instead of choosing a recipe that has the most enticing photos, look for recipes that use ingredients and equipment you already have at home. Read through the entire recipe before choosing it to avoid any surprises later. This will reduce your costs, declutter your kitchen, and prevent food waste. Plus, the more familiar the ingredients and cooking methods are, the more likely your family will like it. Keeping track of ingredients and dishes you and your family don’t like or can’t eat will make meal planning and recipe selection easier next time.

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Get creative.

There are many recipes hiding in your cupboards and freezer. Pick a main ingredient you want to incorporate and work from there. Plan to make meals that build off of each other or use similar ingredients. For example, if you are roasting a chicken one day, plan to make chicken soup another day. Or, if you know you will be using parsley for the soup, plan another meal that will also need parsley, to avoid food waste.

Use a tool!

Meal Hero can help you discover recipes that use ingredients you already have at home and are personalized to your diet and taste preferences.

Meal recommendations are based on preferences you can set under “my recipes” like your diet and dislikes. Additionally, when you “heart” a meal, we’ll update our recommendations to show you more recipes like it.

On the Discover page of Meal Hero, you will find trending and popular meals, recommendations based on your saved recipes, and chef-curated categories to inspire your tastebuds.

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We hope these tips help make discovering recipes less of a daunting task. Enjoy all the tasty possibilities available with Meal Hero!

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