Meal Planning Series 5/5 - Reflection & Adjustments

Welcome to this compilation of topics on our approach to meal planning! We hope by the end of these five articles, you will feel prepared and empowered to tackle all the steps involved in getting dinner on the table.

Here are all the topics of the series if you’d like to jump to a particular one:

Reflection and Adjustments

The kitchen is a classroom and the more we allow ourselves to learn from each cooking experience, however small, there is an opportunity to always improve. “Now I know for next time” moments is how family favorites get carved to perfection.

Remember that recipes are only a guideline and have been created for the tastes of the recipe author. Use new recipes to explore and try new techniques and flavors, but have fun and let yourself adjust a recipe to best satisfy you and your family’s tastes.

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Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your efforts, be with your family, and eat a home-cooked meal. Take the time to taste and assess the meal. What might you have done differently? How could it be better? The more you cook and really take a critical look, the more you will learn and become a better cook over time. Practice makes perfect!

Reflect and observe.

Pay attention to the reactions of those you cooked for. What does everyone like and dislike? Take note of meals, ingredients, textures, and flavors that are praised or skipped. These observations will help you plan meals in the future. If it wasn’t a fan favorite, don’t be discouraged — maybe this recipe just needs some adjustments. Remember, recipes are only guidelines — have fun and make them the way you and your family like them!

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Learn with us.

Not only will you improve the more you cook, but so will we. The more you use Meal Hero, the more we understand your preferences to better suit you. By giving feedback on meals and plans we are able to better improve our recommendations!

How to reflect, adjust, and give feedback in the MH app:

  • Heart meals you liked to save and improve recommendations or click the “X” if you don’t want to see that meal again.
  • Add notes to recipes — Anything you’d change next time? Did your family like it? These things can help you improve the recipe the next time you make it!
  • Did you add extra garlic but cut back on the spices? Did it take a few minutes longer to cook than estimated? You can update time, servings, and ingredients on any recipe to better reflect what you and your family need and enjoy.

Keeping track of which dinners are a win and which are not, and why, makes the path to finding the next win easier.

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