Meal Planning Series 1/5 - Scheduling

Welcome to this compilation of topics on our approach to meal planning! We hope by the end of these five articles, you will feel prepared and empowered to tackle all the steps involved in getting dinner on the table.

Here are all the topics of the series if you’d like to jump to a particular one:

Scheduling Meals

At Meal Hero, we know dinner can be a challenge many nights of the week. We ourselves often start the week with good intentions about what and when we’re going to cook but it’s easy to get derailed. A workday runs long, we forget to defrost an essential element, our children’s activities change…the list goes on.

Our products can help reduce some of the challenges around meal planning and today we want to share some tips specifically around scheduling to help make cooking meals easier, whether you like to plan more night by night or a week in advance.

Get organized for the week.

One of the best ways to help with meal planning is to schedule your week in advance with family members. Getting organized at the beginning of the week to better understand what’s coming up can help you plan days around meals and meals around work and events.

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Block off time

Block time in your calendar to remind yourself of the plan and to give dedicated time to cooking. It’s a simple task but often gets overlooked, even by us! Like many things in our lives, cooking is more likely to happen as planned if it’s scheduled. Even if you eat dinner the same time most nights, it couldn’t hurt to block this time off in your calendar to remind yourself and to show others that you’re unavailable during this time. This also helps you on the day to remind you to pick up any last-minute ingredients needed for your scheduled meals.

Set reminders!

We’ve all been there — you plan a delicious meal only to realize when you get home that the chicken is still frozen and the beans haven’t been soaked. We know there is a lot on your plate and that it’s easy for these little things to slip the mind. Setting reminders for yourself can be a big help in preventing cooking mishaps due to forgetfulness. Try it out this week and find what tools work best for you whether it’s setting a reminder in your calendar, putting a post-it note on the door, or asking your smart devices like Siri and Alexa for help.

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Pick a prep day

Pick one day to do the most cooking effort. For example, if you find yourself cutting onions every night for a meal, try instead cutting all of your onions the first time and using them throughout the week. This batch prep style works super well for most ingredients, especially hearty vegetables, marinades or sauces, grains, and meats.

In the Meal Hero app, you can easily schedule meals and set times for them. Plus, if you want, we’ll send you a reminder to start cooking!

We’re working on building the ability to set reminders for yourself and insert meals into your calendar too. An added bonus of our meal plan calendar is that you can add multiple recipes to a meal so you aren’t limited to just one main dish. Feel free to add exciting sides, plus desserts and beverages if you choose.

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We hope some of these tips help make scheduling meals easier for you. Head to the app to find a delicious recipe and schedule it on your meal plan this week!

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