Tampa vs. Kansas City Super Bowl Bites

The Super Bowl is one of the greatest American food days of the year. Die-hards, fair weather fans, and those who are just there for the grub are all tuning in for this annual national pastime to eat, drink, and watch football. 

Nachos, wings, dips, and sliders are Game Day classics, but this year we are focusing on dishes that represent the food cultures of the city-based teams that are facing off — the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To get in the spirit, we’ve collected some recipes to make rooting for these teams a deliciously festive competition. Football is one thing, but which team comes from the best food city? Let’s dig in. 

Kansas City is known for being a top barbecue destination. Iconically recognized for all things smoky, meaty, and saucy. If you can’t order takeout from Arthur Bryant’s, try making it yourself, along with some other KC favorites. 

Kansas City-Style Spareribs

Kansas City BBQ Wings

Missouri Toasted Ravioli

Kansas City Hot Fried Chicken

Sausage Bierocks

Loose Meat Sandwich

Missouri Gooey Butter Cake

Missouri Buttermilk Pie

Tampa Bay is known for its Cuban-influenced flavors, abundant Gulf Coast seafood, and fresh Florida citrus. Take your pick of any of these recipes, perfect for a day of grazing and entertainment. 

Cubano Sandwich

Crispy Grouper Sandwiches

Gulf Coast Shrimp Tacos

Deviled Crab Dip

Florida Citrus Rock Shrimp Ceviche

Stone Crab with Mustard Sauce

Chocolate-Garlic Mojo with Toasted Cuban Bread

Florida Key Lime Pie Dip

For the purists out there, we got you — the nachos shall not be overlooked. These game day classics pair perfectly with a cold one. 

Loaded Nachos

Buffalo Wings


Sheet Pan Sliders

Homestyle Chili

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Seven Layer Dip

Chocolate Peanut Butter Football Cookies

Whatever the final score is, you’ll surely be the winner of the Super Bowl this year with these eats. Enjoy and may the best team win!

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